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A Platform For Digital Art

Turn your TV into a stunning art gallery

F*^k Netflix

Spool up a playlist, grab a drink, and lose yourself in digital art..

Your TV is often located in prime position in your living room.  Whether you want to chill on your sofa, or entertain friends - set the right mood with your art collection and your finely tuned Spotify playlist setting the scene.
Android TV Mockup

Android TV* app (MVP)

* Note that this app is only available on Android TV powered devices, and not available on normal Android powered devices, such as some aftermarket smart TV adaptors.

Immerse Yourself in Art

Experience the beauty of digital artwork in the comfort of your own home. Create a captivating ambiance that reflects your personal style and enhances any space.

Discover New Artists

Stay up-to-date with emerging artists and explore their unique creations. Aleri introduces you to a world of talent and allows you to support artists directly through our platform.

Easy and Convenient

With Aleri, accessing and enjoying digital artwork is effortless. Simply download the app, connect it to your smart TV, and start exploring a vast collection of stunning visuals.

Smart TV Integrations

Under development

Whilst our primary focus has been to get Android TV functioning, we are now commencing work on supporting other Smart TV platforms, such as Apple TV, LG WebOS and Samsung Tizen.

Target platforms...


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“I love having Aleri on my smart TV. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to my living room. The artwork collections are diverse and always a conversation starter.”
Ervin Howell, VP Product, Deckow-Crist

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