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F*^k Netflix

Spool up a playlist, grab a drink, and lose yourself in your NFTs...

Your TV is often located in prime position in your living room. Now turn it into the primary place to show your NFT purchases. Whether you want to chill on your sofa, or entertain friends - set the right mood with your art collection and your finely tuned Spotify playlist setting the scene.

Android TV* app (MVP)

* Note that this app is only available on Android TV powered devices, and not available on normal Android powered devices, such as some aftermarket smart TV adaptors.

Putting your NFT art on your TV

The app enables your Ethereum wallet based NFT art to be loaded onto your Android TV smart TV to display as required around your home. Working with our wallet connector app - to conveniently pair your wallet to your Aleri account, your art wil load directly into the TV app, and display full screen on your TV - arguably the best screen you have in your home to display your art.

  • Load NFT art from up to 5 different Ethereum wallets
  • Currently supports Opensea minted artwork
  • Support for more NFT platforms may not work whilst we onboard other platforms. Reach out and tell us what platforms you use?
  • COMING SOON Create a playlist for different NFT moods
  • COMING SOON Each NFT is given a color matched surround, framing each image

Wallet Connector Smartphone App

awaiting App Store / Live on Google Play Store + Web App

Load your wallets into the Aleri account

The wallet connector app allows you to copy and paste your wallet addresses straight into the Aleri platform, which can then load the NFT artwork and enable them to be viewed through the Smart TV app.

Smart TV Integrations

Under development

Whilst our primary focus has been to get Android TV functioning, we are now commencing work on supporting other Smart TV platforms, such as Apple TV, LG WebOS and Samsung Tizen.

Target platforms...


We're building this platform for you!

We want to make the platform the best place for you to direct your collectors to consume your digital art.

Whether you are a seasoned NFT artist on an established marketplace, or just transferring into the metaverse, we can help you deliver the best user experience.

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Time to enter the metaverse...

Aleri is here to bring you and your artists into the exciting new world of NFT's.

We will help you make the right choices on sales platform, and integrate your new interface into Aleri - so your customers have something tangible to enjoy.

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